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Cambridge International Pre-School (CIPS)


Age Group
1½ – 2½ years


Age Group
2½ – 3½ years

Jr. K.G

Age Group
3½ – 4½ years

Sr. K.G.

Age Group
4½ – 5½ years

Please Note:

  • An additional fee of Rs 1000 will be charged for the school kit which comprises of two pair of school uniform, school bag, Tiffin box and a water bottle.
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Please submit 1 Passport and 2 stamp size photographs of your child for the ID card and one attested copy of child’s birth certificate.


On the first day you are requested to be with your child for an entire hour. The separation will start from the next day. One of the objective of playgroup is to separate from you. To lessen the separation anxiety among children, playgroup hours will be increased gradually as follows:

  • 1st one week: One hour
  • 2nd week: One and half hour
  • 3rd week onwards: Two hours (i.e. normal playgroup timings)


Bag Contents

Always keep following things in your child’s bag: a Tiffin box, a water bottle, a handkerchief and an extra set of clothes (2 underpants and a dress).

Kids Name and Details

Label all the belongings of the child (Tiffin box, water bottle, bag and shoes) with his/her name. Whenever you send a new water bottle or Tiffin box, kindly label them.

Kids Dress

Dress your child in comfortable clothing. Avoid full denim pants as they cause hindrance in child’s activity.

Kids Absence

In case your child is not well, let him/her take rest at home. Kindly inform about child’s absence by sending an SMS to teachers number.


Let the children not wear any other valuables (gold chains, rings, bangles).

Vehicle Parking

Do not bring vehicles inside the society compound. Parking Strictly not allowed.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations should be devoid of cream cakes and chocolates.

Observe and Listen to Children

Because when they ask? they are not simply asking for the answer from you. They are requesting the courage to find a collection of possible answers.


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